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Interior design is the art and process of creating an environment in which our clients’ experience is key. It applies to residences, as well as corporate and retail spaces. We first identify your needs, then present a concept. This may require research and creative solving of any problems that may arise. The result is an aesthetically pleasing and user friendly space.



To effectively communicate a design or idea, it can be visualised in 3D. Using specialised software, we produce high quality photo-realistic representations of a design to show how it will look prior to construction or production. 3D visualisation is thus an important step in planning, conveying, and promoting a design, and benefits both the client and the contractor.



Bespoke furniture and joinery can transform any space from ordinary to extraordinary. The specialised field of furniture design is where functionality meets style. Unique pieces that are created define a space’s character and set it apart. We can source quality bespoke handcrafted furniture on your behalf to the exact specifications to complete your design. The end product is often a breathtaking piece of art.



Effective documentation in an interior design project is a key element in the process to achieve a successful result. Documentation includes cost estimates, specification schedules, project plans and meeting minutes. We document every element, so discrepancies and misunderstandings are less likely to occur. We also provide professional draughting solutions for technical designs.



Once all furniture, fittings and equipment items are designed and specified for a project, the procurement process kicks off. We specialise in finding, negotiating agreement terms and acquiring goods, while ensuring our clients receive these at the best possible price. We have good relationships with suppliers and know where to find what we are looking for. We inspect all items procured on your behalf to ensure they meet our quality standards.

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Branding is a set of marketing and communication methods that help to distinguish a company from competitors. Your interior design also reflects your brand identity. By successfully brainstorming and developing your brand in line with your interior design, seamless brand integration is achieved. Our brand design services include corporate identity design and graphic design of all elements used in 3D as well as marketing collateral.